My First Long Distance Ride.

29 August-10 September 2010

I arrived here at this campground hungry and asked the proprietor where I could get something to eat. He directed me to a gas station, the ONLY one within miles, and there, he said, I could get a sandwich.

So I rode West 5 miles to Uniontown and there was a small gas station/general store. They had an assortment of sandwiches and snacks so I ordered a subway sandwich. Very tasty. Then back to the campground where I enjoyed a good nights sleep beneath a big Kansas sky.

I was in for a special treat the following morning. Just as I was finishing packing my gear to leave, a neighbor came up to me and said he had pancakes, eggs, biscuits, orange juice and coffee and asked if I would like some.

Would I???? You betcha I would. And the breakfast was delicious. He and his neighbor were two jokesters and while I ate and ate, they bantered back and forth kidding each other first about this, then something else. By the time I left I felt like an old friend. They wished me safe traveling. I felt really bad about being such a pig, but I quickly got over it.


It was a real warm welcome to Kansas. Such a great, down home state.