When we started working in our ceramic shop, we were often busy for twelve hours or more at a stretch. First we poured 35 - 50 molds, then about the time the last one was poured, it was time to begin emptying them. After they drained and dried sufficiently, each piece was carefully removed from the mold, trimmed and set on the shelf to dry.

Then each mold had to be meticulousy cleaned and placed on the shelf where it could dry. Once the process was started, you couldn't quit until everything was done. It was hard work but very satisfying and profitable. Suzie handled the customers that came in during the day as well as pouring and cleaning a lot of ceramics herself. This was in addition to taking care of the kids and me, cooking, cleaning, etc. It was a lot of work for both of us but it was, above all else, fun.

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